The Downsides of Cardio: Why Excessive Aerobic Exercise Might not be Beneficial

There’s no question that some level of cardio exercise is advantageous for the health of yours. Years of healthcare studies have found us that cardio exercise is beneficial for decreasing morbid obesity and most of the issues that are included with it. Cardio exercise helps you to tone muscles and could make it possible to enhance your ligaments and bones, advantages that will be more crucial as you age.

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Nevertheless, like all good things you will find certain downsides. Did you know that a lot of cardio exercise can cause severe health issues? Effectively, it is able to.

Before you can get way too fired up, absolutely no one is thinking that which you need to toss the running shoes of yours and spend the many days of yours on the couch; however, you will find several potential risk factors to aerobic exercise. When you begin the regimen of yours, you should look at the possible issues as well as work to reduce them.

Joint Damage along with other Orthopedic Injuries

Any higher impact activity presents a higher risk of joint issues. Something that involves running or even jumping could lead to injuries such as plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis as well as shin splints. Even individuals who just do restricted amounts of cardio face a little threat of injury; a substantial quantity of exercise elevates that danger. The hips as well as knees are the joints which are very vulnerable to injury, particularly in aging individuals.

The best bet of yours is involving yourself in very low impact activities that place little or maybe no anxiety on the bones. Choices for this consist of utilizing a workout cycle, an elliptical machine or perhaps swimming. Nevertheless, despite those more secure choices you might nevertheless confront the danger of health problems in case you are doing way too much; it’s a wise idea to restrict your cardio time to no over forty five minutes each day.

Cardiovascular Issues

Indeed, cardio exercise is helpful to the heart of yours but just if it’s done in moderation. In case you overdo it, you really increase the risk of yours of working with a heart attack. Think about the simple fact that research published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings log confirmed that overdoing working out is able to present a risk to heart health. Based on the study, much more than an hour of regular exercise gives “diminishing returns” and will lead to adverse cardiovascular effects.

Atrial enlargement and fibrillation of the center are 2 possible side effects of too much cardio exercise; atrial fibrillation is likewise recognized as an “irregular heartbeat” and it is issue which raises an individual’s risk of stroke. An additional study provided at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress says that extremely extensive periods of exercising triggered the danger of cardiovascular illnesses being improved by a consideration of 7.


If you are low in power, cardio exercise is one of the ways to alter that. Nevertheless, excessive cardio exercise can leave you with an excessive amount of energy. A workout is able to improve the levels of yours of adrenaline and leave you as well amped up to fall asleep during the night.

This’s especially so if you are doing the cardio of yours later on in the evenings. The means to fix this’s arranging the routine of yours to ensure you are doing the exercise session of yours in the mornings or even earlier in the evenings. This enables you sufficient time to relax before going to sleep. Limiting the length of the cardio exercise of yours will even assist with insomnia.

Improved Appetite

An increase in the appetite of yours is able to end up from cardio exercise and could make you absorb even more calories. Consuming more food is a complication of cardio exercise for lots of people. The exertion causes the bodies of theirs to produce hormones increase appetite together with the net effect being they begin to eat more calories than they burn up. The cardio workout results of theirs in them packing on weight rather than losing it.

A report published in the American Journal of Physiology reveals that females which consumed much more energy than they consumed in a workout saw higher blood concentrations of electricity regulating hormones. Those’re the stress hormones which signal the body’s desire for food. Put simply, their bodies have been telling them to consume to retrieve the calories they simply lost. These consequences aren’t restricted to females as a few males in addition have improved appetites after a cardio exercise.

Oxidative Stress

This’s when the body of yours creates unstable molecules known as free radicals; these particles are able to harm the cells of yours, which creates much more of these free radicals being created. Too much exercise causes an excessive amount of oxidative stress for the body of yours to battle.

The outcome of most of this’s you develop a heightened risk of cancer and heart problems. It’s crucial that you be aware that basically every kind of physical exercise causes some level of oxidative stress, along with researchers believe that some quantity of it’s needed, just not much. Reasonable amounts of oxidative stress really help to make the body of yours stronger.

Heightened Levels of Cortisol

Much more than one hour or perhaps so of cardio exercise is able to promote the release of a hormone known as “cortisol,” normally known as the “stress hormone.” The goal of this particular hormone is changing the metabolic rate of yours in a manner which allows you to better deal with anxiety. It offers you with improved power for flight.” or “fight In the proper amounts, cortisol is able to have health advantages in the kind of muscle development and improved cardiovascular health.

The issue with increased cardio exercise is the fact that it is able to result in the hormone to gather in the program of yours. Extended anxiety as well as high cortisol levels lead to extra fat being retained and muscles getting broken down. Elevated cortisol amounts are proven to lead to the gain as well as retention of belly fat. Furthermore, the immune system of yours might be made weaker by higher degrees of the hormone.

Reproductive Problems

A study in the Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology proved that oxidative stress from too much aerobic exercise has damaging effects on the male reproductive system. After 4 days of too much intense cardio workout, scientists discovered a reduction in the dimensions of reproductive organs of males taking part in the study; this was accompanied by decreased amounts of testosterone. A comparable study using rats found sexual dysfunction as well as oxidative stress.

None of this ought to be considered as a criticism of exercise referral courses. You have to work out. Additionally, despite the health risks, the simple fact remains that individuals who do a little cardio workout are much better off than individuals who do none. Nevertheless, just how much they actually do has a tremendous impact on just how a great deal of gain they receive from it.

Age is a significant element in how the body of yours handles the issues and cardio exercise it is able to cause. Older individual’s ought to be especially mindful as bodies are significantly less resilient past a particular age; in case you’re more than forty, you might experience a more recovery phase in comparison with somebody in their 20s.