Is It Ever “The Right Time?”

When is the right time
When is the right time?

When I did the “Go Renegade Or Go Broke Tele summit” with Matthew, it just wasn’t the right time.

I was literally in the middle of a move.  I took on some new clients.  My girlfriend was in the middle of moving up here.  And we were still trying to figure out exactly where we wanted to move (not to mention the fact that I didn’t know the first thing about doing a “Tele summit,” didn’t know how much time it would take and)…

We still set the date and did it anyway

A few months ago I decided to work with a mastermind group that’s a year long program and a few thousand dollars to be a part of.  The funny thing was, it wasn’t the right time either. It was when I needed the extra cash to put a deposit on the new place. To use as an extra cushion “just in case things didn’t work out” as I continue to build AND live a 100% debt free business and life and…

We did it anyway.

When I heard about all the crazy shit of starting a business “in the worst time” (let alone starting it without any big income or debt)… I also felt like “it’s wasn’t the right time.”

We did it anyway.

Should we get the chance to talk over the phone and possibly work on a copywriting project together, can I just say that if you’re “waiting for the right time…”

Do it anyway.

And please understand that this isn’t some kind of subliminal hint if we already talked live.  Because it’s not. I’m just feeling as if for some strange reason, someone out there needed to hear that again.

Because it really is true.

QUESTION: Do you love your business, but know you shouldn’t be the one writing for it?  Or perhaps you may even feel you could ruin the reputation you’ve spent so long in building?  Heck… maybe it just takes you way too long to get the necessary thoughts out.  And once you do, it doesn’t do much to increase your sales.

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