The Moving Picture Writes

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Listen… I understand that we’re all trying to make things work in our Amazon business copywriting.

To stand out from the noise.  Leave some kind of mark.  And kick some MAJOR ass.

The only thing is, you can’t get it to where it needs to go because you’ve overlooked and under-estimated one of the most vital aspects of your business…

A kung fu shot to the head – with your words.  Your message.  Your copy.


I just want to light a match to it.

Take that passion you have for what it is you do… and sculpt it.  Cultivate it.  Package it in a way that engages others to want to do business with you, because there is no one else on this PLANET that can do what you do – the way you do it.

Quality Content versus Cheap Amazon Copywriters

When you’re trying to decide on a Amazon copywriter for your amazon listing optimization service, the choice very often comes down to which matters most: the content or the cost. Ideally, you’ll find a balance between the two but you may have to lean in one direction over another.

Amazon copywriters do have the benefit of skills and experience that most of us don’t have. As a result, they can charge high prices for their services, especially if they can deliver the goods which are deserving of those high end price tags. However, not all of us can afford those prices and that’s why more affordable copywriting options have sprung up as competition. However, if you do decide to choose one of those lower cost options, be prepared to experience the drawbacks:

• Less experience – Usually, experienced copywriters will charge a premium for their services. They know the industry and know what their skills are worth. If you hire someone who will take next to nothing for their effort, they probably want to build up a portfolio or increase their experience.

• Reliability problems – Some of the best copywriters end up peddling their wares for next to nothing because they couldn’t handle their workload and ended up missing deadlines that cost them clients. Even on the Internet, poor word of mouth can be very damaging to one’s career.

• Low quality – Much of what is available today on the Internet in terms of content is a reflection of the low quality provided by most cheap copywriters. The problem often stems from buyers who want massive amounts of content but don’t have a realistic budget for quality copy.

Of course, freelance copywriting companies and their staff must charge reasonable rates if they want to bring in new customers and retain a well-qualified writing team.

So what happens now?

Let’s talk.

If you are not ready to talk and not convinced then read on!

Reasons to use the Kick Ass Copywriter

If you’ve thought about using a freelance writer for your next project but are having second thoughts, here are some of the best reasons to hire one immediately. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Quality Content

Most freelance writers are professionals who are going to deliver a higher quality of content than your Average Joe. That means if you already know “Content is King” you should be more than happy to spend the money to buy the best. Otherwise, your content may not attract visitors the way it should. And that’s not a good situation.

2. Good Value

Hiring a professional copywriter for your project is actually a good investment. Not only are prices more affordable than ever before thanks to the increased competition on the Internet but you’ll receive a better return on your investment than you might imagine. No matter how big or small the project, a freelance writer’s expertise is going to save you time and is going to lead to better results.

3. View from Outside

One of the most frequently overlooked benefits of hiring a freelance writer is that they can bring a new view to the project. When you’re working on marketing ideas, for example, you can easily get stuck in a rut and lose your creative footing. A good freelance writer will come in with ideas and opinions that can rejuvenate the project in a positive way.

4. Removing Abstractions

When you’re thinking about what ideas you want to convey with your content, those ideas are just swimming around in your head. The average person doesn’t have a good idea of how to translate those ideas – such as written words that are clear and concrete for readers. That’s the freelance writer’s job. He or she can take those ideas from your mind, process them, and get them down on paper.